The Arvada Triangle (Now Named Ralston Creek)


The Triangle Area consists of the three shopping centers located in the vicinity of 58th Avenue and Independence Street. The centers were built in the 1960's, and the area was once a thriving shopping and entertainment district for the City of Arvada.  It had a movie theater and two department stores, along with grocery, drug and specialty stores.  It was "THE Place" to be in Arvada. Over time, the shopping center fell into decline. Naturally, the City received a significant volume of calls from concerned residents about the state of the Triangle Area; most expressed how proud they are of Arvada but felt that these shopping centers didn’t represent the image of their community. The Arvada City Council was concerned about the deterioration and the adverse effect the shopping district was having on the surrounding neighborhoods and requested the Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) to consider creating an urban renewal area to revitalize the old shopping district. AURA agreed to take on the revitalization of the area.


Restoration Timeline

  • July 15, 2013—Council votes 6-1 in favor of the IRG/Walmart Preliminary Development Plan of Arvada Plaza.
  • June 4, 2013--Planning Commission Hearing votes 5-1 in favor of the project with one commissioner absent.
  • March 1, 2013—Official Filing Date.
  • January, 2013-- Walmart Announces plans to build a retail location in the Arvada Plaza shopping district.
  • July, 2011-- Council approves the Outline Development Plan along with the Concept Plan and Design Guidelines for the Triangle Area.
  • July, 2009-- AURA presents the proposed Concept Plan to the Arvada Planning Commission and City Council to receive their comments and feedback.
  • May, 2009-- The Triangle Advisory Committee sponsors an open house for the entire Arvada community to view the plan and provide feedback.
  • Fall, 2008-- AURA creates the Triangle Advisory Committee, a 20-member group made up of homeowners, business and property owners, and stakeholders from the area to develop a concept plan for the eventual redevelopment of the Triangle Area.
  • March, 2007-- The Arvada Plaza area of the Triangle is purchased by Industrial Realty Group (IRG).
  • November, 2002-- Council asks the Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) to consider creating an urban renewal area to revitalize the old shopping district. AURA agrees to take on the revitalization of the shopping district and the restoration of the area.


What's Next--Upcoming Arvada Triangle Events

  • Final Development Plans in process
  • Environmental remediation and demolition projected for first quarter of 2014
  • A number of infrastructure projects costing approximately $9.1 million will be completed prior to construction.

  • Walmart is estimated to open sometime during the summer of 2015


Vision--Ralston Creek

As the Arvada Triangle takes new shape, it will also receive a new name, Ralston Creek. As a vibrant and critical commercial corridor for Arvada, Ralston Creek will be anchored by the newly renovated Ralston-Central Park/Hoskinson’s Park on the east and the Stenger/Lutz Sports complex on the west.  More information about the future of this area can be found HERE




  • City of Arvada, Communication Manager, Maria VanderKolk, or 720-898-7507 for questions or concerns related to the City of Arvada's involvement in the Triangle Area project.